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    Create a savory-and-sweet collection – add a new flavor to your old standbys – create your own family assortment with an individual pack of each person’s favorite. A seasonal collection for entertaining? You’ll always have your favorites. Pick any natural Sausages by Amylu, Burgers by Amylu or mix with our traditional Slotkowski or Leon's beef and pork products. To build your assortment, choose five flavors from each of the drop-downs below. When you have selected all five, click Add to Your Shopping Cart.

    (NOTE: Please note that we do not sell the bulk packages online. If you are having difficulty finding our products at your local warehouse, please contact us for store locations or contact your local buyer)

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    Pick Five Mix & Match Customized Assortment

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    All ATK Foods products are shipped via FedEx to allow for optimal taste & texture appeal upon arrival at their destination.

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