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    Breakfast Time

    • $42.95 5 pkgs, 9 oz ea.

    Looking for a healthier breakfast but don’t want to give up the rich taste of traditional pork sausage? Our all-natural chicken breakfast sausage is the new way to start your day. All you give up are the preservatives, MSG, gluten, fat, fillers and binders. What a good morning!

    Available online in five convenient individual packages – easy to store in your freezer for a no-sacrifices/guilt-free breakfast.

    Our 9-ounce package contains 14 mini links.


    INGREDIENTS: All-Natural* Chicken, Contains 2% or less of: Extract of Rosemary, Water, Kosher Salt, Parsley, Spices, Brown Sugar, Vinegar.

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    Italian with Peppers & Onions
    Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil