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Six Brands – One Philosophy of Quality, Integrity & Innovation

You'll find our quality brands in retail stores, fine restaurants, catalogs, and other gourmet outlets nationwide

Sausages By Amylu

The Ingredient that Makes Every Dish Something Special
We use only the finest and freshest natural ingredients to produce our intensely-flavored, lean and nutritious sausages.

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Meatballs By Amylu

A Delicious Combination of Flavors Perfect for an Entrée, an Appetizer, or Anytime

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Burgers By Amylu

Great Tasting Burgers Your Family & Friends are Sure to Love

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Leon's Sausage

Handmade Quality – Made-in-Chicago Freshness
Flagship line of old-world sausage products and a growing number of specialty sausages.

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America’s Premium Quality – Europe’s Old-World Taste
Authentic European sausage recipes manufactured in the traditional old-world way.

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